16 hours on a plane... FOR REAL?!

I honestly couldn't express all my anxiety and excitement and worry about moving to Bangkok for five months in one post... So I guess this blog is a pretty good idea, huh?

Okay. SO. Lemme give you a quick back story of the past five months of my life leading up to this big change.

March 2015: School is hard(ish). Loyola friends are amazing. Life is pretty good. I make a crazy, pivitol, life changing decision late March that, well, changes my life... (to be further explained later) I'm also the healthiest I have ever been in my life at this point. (Mostly physically, but mentally too.)

April 2015: That life changing decision is starting to ease it's way into my every day routines. I turn 20 years old. I ace an anatomy exam. Life is good.

May 2015: FINALS?! ALREADY?! DIDN'T I JUST GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL?! Now I'm officially halfway done with my undergraduate college career. I say goodbye to people that I might not see for 5 months, and some that I won't see until senior year. Woah. I come home, he's there. Life is great.

June 2015: Working as much as I can to save as much money as possible for Bangkok. He takes me to get Thai food. He smiles. Memories are forming, ones that I will keep tight and take with me on this upcoming trip. Things get real. We get ice cream. I love ice cream.

July 2015: OKAY MY BRAIN IS SPINNING AT THIS POINT. I'M GOING TO BANGKOK FOR 5 MONTHS AND THE LOVE OF MY LIFE IS HERE, IN THE STATES, AND I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS ALL HAPPENING, AND I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS REAL AND SERIOUS AND OH MY GOD HOW DO I PACK MY LIFE IN 2 SUITCASES AND WHERE ARE MY COLORED PENCILS I NEED MY COLORED PENCILS OMG. (July was nuts, man. It was incredible, don't get me wrong. But it was nuts. I learned a lot about myself in those 4 short weeks. I knew that I was facing one of the hardest challenges of my life. I knew that trusting my gut would always be my best decision, especially when it comes to things (and people) that make me so absolutely and genuinely happy. I just needed to figure out how I would maintain that realization and happiness over such a long period of time away from the ones I love.


Basically, my brain works overtime 24/7 and rarely gets the annual bonus for all its hard work. So making this huge decision to go abroad would be tough, but well worth it in the end.

Hopefully you will enjoy following me on this wild and fantastic journey, and learn with me along the way.

Much love from BKK!



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